History of the Club

Born in 2006 around a plate of noodles in the suburbs of Montpellier, our club brings together lovers of the little queen(French expression for a bike) who got to know each other via the sudvelo.com site and its forums.

With the desire to share the simple idea that cycling must remain a sport specific to all senses of the term (the most commonly accepted meaning being that linked to doping, it appeared that the field of cyclist waste management was very little treated ...), it is a group of around 20 cyclists from Montpellier (and 2 from Grenoble) who started the adventure in 2006.

A first period of 3 years under the chairmanship of Jérome Riouall, allowed the club to be born and recognized as being of cyclo-public utility. Invited to participate in numerous mass cycling events in the Languedoc region, but also in France and Outside the Borders (Spain), the Club struggled to get the message "Don't Throw More!" among cyclists of all levels.

The results in Languedoc in particular were up to par, with the Orange and Black troops scrambling on all fronts.

Since 2009, David Ducros has been the president of the club, in order to continue the initial mission and start new challenges and projects: to structure and increase the means of communication, to turn to young people, to vary practices.

Today (end of 2021), the projects are numerous, there are more members from more places around the world, who continue to make the club live and grow, "Ne Jetez Plus!" continues on its way. Let us hope that the 2021 season, our first coming out of Covid, we will continue to bring as much satisfaction to members as in previous years.

The Club Officers, today are:

  • David Ducros, Président
  • Helen Phillips, Secrétaire
  • Francis Charles, Trésorier